Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Louboutins are some of the sexiest shoes around.  Whether you own a pair or not, consider these two Louboutin inspired trends...

The Louboutin Manicure:
Inspired by the famous red sole, the nail is painted black on top and red underneath.  I love Essie nail polish because it stays on and doesn't chip for quiet a while.  Consider Essie colors Licorice and One-Of-A-Kind (which might look too orange, but I own it and have held it up to my Louboutins- a perfect match!

Red Lips:

While red lips may have been around for a long time, all the recent spring shows had well-saturated, brightly colored lips.  Get a head-start on the trend by using MAC's "Ruby Woo" lipstick shade, the same that was used in Johnathan Saunder's Spring RTW Show, pictured above.

XOXO, Coco Birdie

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