Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to Wear: Knee-Length Hems

Aside from white suits, another Spring trend is the dropping of hem lines.  While maxi lengths have been popular the past few seasons, this Spring is all about the knee-length hem.  The look exudes a bit more modesty and femininity than a mini skirt and is more universally flattering that a mid-calf length.  Best of all, the trend is easily adaptable to any woman's style.  In generally, you'll find knee-length skirts and dresses in either a pencil or a full silhouette.

From there, the your style options are endless...

Colorful, Minimal Neutrals, or Spring-Time Pastels:

Or you could select a more historical look in either Betty Draper Retro or Clara Bow Flapper:

These looks will be easy to achieve because retailers like Banana Republic and J. Crew are also jumping on this trend.  Both are offering knee-length looks in their Spring collections, which are soon to hit stores.

The trend is likely to remain popular for the rest of 2012, as many Pre-Fall collections are including knee-length pieces.  It is generally a popular length for fall and winter, so we're sure to see more of this length in the upcoming Fall collections.

If you're still unsure, one of the best places to look for trends is the red carpet.  Everyone wants to emulate their favorite celebrity and retailers often create one-off looks of red carpet pieces.  Here are some of the knee-length looks we've been seeing recently:

So for Spring, cover those knees and enjoy the variety of styles this trend offers!

Coco Birdie

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Red Carpet images via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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