Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Menswear inspired looks have always been some of my favorite, from a tuxedo to a tailored jacket with ruffled dress.

The following are some inspirational images of different takes on menswear as womenswear:

Rough Around the Edges

Tailored Tomboy

Borrowed From The Boys

Sexpot Sherlock

Coco Birdie

**UPDATE: As we saw on last night's Project Runway, menswear as womenswear can be hard to do!  The key is all about keeping the feminine influence, especially in the fit.  Your pieces should be tailored to woman, with enough fit to show off your curves.  Even in a piece like Bottega Veneta suit above, the pants are slim, the jacket is cut for a woman, and the absence of a shirt gives it sexy appeal only a woman can pull off.  Don't forget about the important of styling.  As we've seen many times on PR the hair, makeup, and accessories can make or break the look.

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