Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall Wish List: Outerwear

I'm seriously ready for fall...

Clockwise from far left:

Dennis Basso's fall ready-to-wear collection was filled with beautiful furs.  This short cape is no exception.  To me, it has an old-Hollywood glamor to it and I loved that it has been paired with a sleek, modern dress.  I really love the high neckline that wraps the face for full warmth.  A short cape like this offers a great amount of movement, but still keeps you warm and toasty.

If you are going to buy a trench, invest in a Burberry trench.  The masters of the trench coat, a Burberry trench is going to be well made, last several lifetimes, and always remain a classic.  I've featured the most basic true trench coat, because it is the one I covet the most, but Burberry offers a whole array of options and seasonal specialties.

Known for wild, colorful patterns, this surprising basic gray cape is from Pucci.  I love a good cape and I've been searching for the perfect one for this fall.  This is it.  I think I would love it a little more if it were in a rich camel color, but gray is so versatile, this one can't go wrong.  I'm not sure what it is about capes, but I love them so much more than coats.  Perhaps it is the inner super-hero in me coming out...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  I've been wanting this jacket for quiet a while.  Gorgeous warm gray suede and soft purple tinged shearling lining.  Glamorous and easy fitting, this jacket will make you feel like a million bucks.  Or at least the $2000 it costs.  Why, or why, won't it go on sale?

Founded in 1924 in England, Belstaff produces the best of the best leather jackets.  J. Crew has collaborated with them to produce a limited line of items, including this shrunken bomber jacket.  Classic styling, reminiscent of WWII fighter pilots, this jacket will only get better with age.  A traditionally masculine jacket with a feminine fit, perfect for any closet.

Dennis Basso wins again, this time in a longer coat.  Love the huge collar, love the simple Juliet sleeves, love the pattern created with the fur, love everything about this coat.  So chic and stunning, I just want to wrap up in it, sit by the fire and drink an adult hot chocolate.

All of these lovely coats deserve Lovely Gloves.  Gucci makes a short and sweet black leather glove, featuring a folded over and gathering cuff and simple charm.  Warm, easy to match, and durable.  What more could you want in a glove?

For days when you need more or less layering, turn to an amazing shawl.  Gucci offers a basic black and tan plaid shawl that has a soft fox fur trim.  Wonderful on its own as an accessory, or layered underneath your coat for an added touch of warmth.

Donna Karen's simple cashmere scarf offers an array of options and is perfect for fall and winter.  Wear it as you would a traditional scarf, or as part of your day outfit.  The deep iron color is an excellent alternative to black.  Don't be afraid to pair it with browns, and it would look amazing with rich jewel tones.

This bronze dyed milled rabbit fedora is an essential classic.  Keeping your head warm is important in the winter, so why not do it stylishly?  A fedora will never go out of style and this one is sure to feel amazing and last forever.

Coco Birdie

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