Monday, June 14, 2010

Great Deals

There are many member's only websites that offer great daily deals on designer products.  Here's a run-down of some of the best out there:

SWIRL by Daily Candy: If you aren't subscribed to Daily Candy's emails, do so immediately.  They offer tons of great fashion and design related information, deals, and events.  Recently, they launched SWIRL by Daily Candy.  Still in its beta form, SWIRL offers new lines each day at a discount.  The offer stays up for a few days and discounts up to 80%.  There's a variety of clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories.  Past lines offered at a discount include: DAV,, Cocobelle, Leigh & Luca, Olsenhaus, and American Apparel.  They only offer women's products.

HauteLook: HauteLook is one of the best sale sites around.  They offer a range of products, from clothing and accessories to housewares and books.  The savings are great and the prices usually aren't bad.  As far as the fashion side goes, the style ranges a lot of 7 for All Mankind, to MICHAEL Michael Kors, to American Vintage.  The two best reasons to sign up for HauteLook are the decadetwo sales (amazing vintage designer finds at great prices) and the Tachen book sales (amazing, well designed books for mere dollars).  Sales last for 48 hours and discounts range from 50-75% off.  They offer women's and children's products, rarely men's.

Billion Dollar Babes: Billion Dollar Babes isn't my favorite, but still noteworthy.  The only have 2-3 new sales every day (most sites have 5-7) and they tend to be on the more expensive side.  Today they have vintage Chanel jewelry and Dior & Fendi sunglasses.  If you are looking for a really, high-end designer discount, this is the place to shop.  They offer women's products only.

Gilt Group: Gilt Group offers amazing discounts on high-end designer goods.  While dresses may still be $500-1,000+ dollars, its a real steal from the $5,000 original price.  I love this site because the photographs are consistent and great.  It is a great way to view the details of designer pieces without having to get the stink-eye from snotty high-end boutique sales associates.  Gilt used to have Gilt Fuse, which was more trendy, edge low-priced items but I think they've merged with Gilt.  They also have travel deals with discounts on hotels around the world.  Sales last for 48 hours and they offer several new sales daily.  The best reason to be apart of Gilt is the semi-annual final sale blowout.  The deals are amazing (you can actually afford real designer stuff!) but the pieces go quickly and sizes are limited.  Gilt also offers a wait-list, which most sites don't.  While I've never been contacted about any of my wait-list items coming back in stock, it is a nice feature.  They offer women's, men's, children's, and home products.

Rue La La: Rue La La is one of the best sale sites.  The brands are great, as are the prices.  They do tend to have slightly higher end stuff (think Theory, Botiker and Kenneth Jay Lane), but the prices are still good.  Sales last 2 days and they put the sold out stuff near the bottom of the page (less digging around for what's left if you check in near the end).  Besides clothing and accessories, Rue La La also offers home goods and the rare travel deal.  They offer women's, and men's products.

Ideeli: Ideeli is also a great site for deals.  They feature a lot of new sales daily and the prices are very good.  Most brands are at a mid-point range (BCBG, Michael Stars, Betsy Johnson), but occassionally they have designer brands (today they have Prabal Gurung).  They carry a pretty good selection of sizes and enough stock and they also offer a wait list option when a product is sold out.  Shipping takes away, typically up to 2 weeks, so don't shop here if you need something immediately.  They just redesigned their site, and the old one was much cleaner and easier to shop.  They mostly offer women's fashion products and some children's or home goods.

XO, Coco Birdie

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